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  • Step 1

    1-1.5 HOURS

    The Puripool Process setup takes between an hour to an hour and a half on the typical pool. We prefer to park at the curb if possible, and appreciate your help in providing a place to park when we arrive. If you can park your personal cars out front or put out some type of placeholder that can be moved for your appointment it helps us greatly.
  • Step 2

    24 HOURS

    We will do a complete Water Analysis when we arrive and another the next day when we come to pick up the trailer (in a typical application where the trailer will only be onsite for approximately 24 hours). This allows us to take these values back to the trailer to set the proper shutoff level (TDS) to assure you of having calcium of 200 ppm or lower once completed.
  • Step 3

    The trailer is designed to process 40,000 gallons of water per day and will retain on average-85% of the water already in your pool. In the case of extremely hard water (due to not draining your water for many years, for example) the water waste will be greater. We utilize a small garden hose to carry the wastewater (we call it a brine stream) away and prefer to put it in a sewer cleanout where the city can process it. Please note: if you are on a septic system you will need to let us know so that we do not put this brine stream in your septic system!
  • Step 4

    To make up the water that we send away to the sewer, we will hook up a garden hose to your Hose Bib and back to our trailer, so that we can maintain the water elevation in the pool. We bring back about 6 GPM, and you may hear the sound of water running in your home during the process. While it may sound like a lot of water, remember that you’re retaining a large portion of the water already in your pool and that this small amount of makeup water is much less than you would need in the case of a drain and refill.
  • Step 5

    There are two larger hoses (1 1/2” diameter) that are also utilized during the purification process. One brings your pool water to our trailer and the other returns the purified water back to your pool. This makes a total of 4 hoses that will be used during the Puripool Process, and they will all be strung neatly from the trailer to the pool. In the case of the hoses crossing a sidewalk or other walk space, we will place safety cones to designate their location(s). We may also place additional cones in areas that we feel may be prudent.
  • Step 6

    12 HOURS

    We are fully self-contained and bring our own power with us in the shape of a diesel generator mounted inside the trailer. The trailer is double-walled and the generator enclosure is sound attenuated to minimize noise, but there is still some noise associated with it. A decibel meter reads about 70dB from ten feet away so the hum of the generator should not disturb anyone; we have heard AC units and pool pumps that are louder! We do want you to understand that there is some “white noise” associated with the process, however. If you feel that some of your neighbors may be overly sensitive to this sound please let them know prior to your appointment. The average pool (up to 20,000 gallons) runs for roughly 12 hours, so the sound will typically be gone somewhere later in the evening, depending on what time we start the trailer initially. Do not be alarmed if it runs longer than you may expect, as it has to achieve the desired TDS limit before it will shut down. Our guarantee of calcium of 200 ppm or lower makes it critical that it run as long as necessary to achieve this.
  • Step 7


    Our goal is to make our visit to your property a pleasant one with minimal disturbance to your day. We will be neat in our setup and respectful of your property with our hoses and our path of travel to and from your pool area. We will not rebalance the water when we pick up the trailer, as there are many schools of thought on where certain chemicals should be (Conditioner, for example) and we allow you or your pool pro to handle that. We are happy to provide suggested amounts however. You will usually have to add a little bit of chlorine and perhaps some conditioner (this all depends on what the level was when we started, and we make no guarantees on ending conditioner levels once the Puripool Process is complete). If you have a salt pool we will retain as much salt as possible while still getting your calcium level to 200 ppm or lower, but you will need to reintroduce some salt in your pool.